3 December 2021 | Young Adult Fiction

Art journals for writing

There are art journals – and there are art journals. My art journal – well, it’s more of a collection of notes, scribbles and diagrams than a beautiful object to be placed behind museum glass one day.

I created my art journal to collect all my ramblings about my young adult verse novel, Even the ocean. I have three sections – one for general notes, and one each for my two protagonists.

My art journal is a great place to be messy – something which is absolutely essential to the creative process but not always appreciated by my editorial brain. So my art journal gives me permission to doodle, record scraps of ideas, work through plot problems, add images, tuck secret notes inside envelopes, research – all non-linear, imaginative, daydreamy ways to follow my story.

This art journal concept has worked so well for me that I am now in the process of making another two journals – one for a new middle-grade idea and one for a new young adult book. I think I’ve found my process!

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