31 August 2015 | Writing, Writing Notes

August writing

August News - Karen ComerI thought I would hold myself accountable and put together a writing post at the end of each month. This month I have:

  • Rewritten two short stories for adults (retelling fairy tales) and sent them into two short story competitions – fingers crossed!
  • Attended three events at the Melbourne Writers’ Festival:
    • Creativity and motherhood with Rachel Power and Jessica Rowe, hosted by Tracee Hutchinson
    • Writing mothers with Maureen McCarthy and Rod Jones, hosted by Jane Sullivan
    • Eye of the Sheep with Sofie Laguna, hosted by Jo Case.
  • Attended a writing class at Writers’ Victoria – Page turning power with Margie Lawson.
  • Daydreamed a lot about the second book in my children’s series. The protagonist is Calvin, who appeared in the first book. I didn’t plan the first book and wrote 500-750 words every day – just showed up at the page and wrote. I want to try a different approach with this book and plan it out. Just a loose plan – I think I would feel too restricted with a detailed plan for every scene.
  • Written lots of blog posts for my website.

September is the month to plan my second children’s novel, launch my website, and attend two writing classes – with school holidays thrown in there, too!


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