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Australian spring literary quotes

Spring flowering with old books on wooden background. Flowers in spring series: plum blossoming in spring it is the only remaining last winter flower is the earliest blooming flower in spring. It shows struggle and pride.
** Note: Shallow depth of field

While you would think a Melbourne spring should be filled with daffodils, longer evenings and fascinators in the Myer windows, we have had all that but with rain and cold as well. I found it really interesting that these quotes from Australian writers about spring focused on the whole spectrum from the sun and flowers to the rain and cold. My favourite quotes are number 1 and 4 because they contrast the protagonist’s feelings against the weather.

I have left a gap between the quotes and the book titles, authors and date of publication in case you want to guess!

1. I found it very cruel that the sun shone and the weather was perfect during the darkest of my days.

2. It was September, and the roughstone terraces with their thickets of tiny white daisies were aswarm with insects. The whole garden sizzled and hummed.

3. It was spring by now and the days were lengthening; the evening sky, not yet fully dark, was pulsing with the flashing lights of emergency vehicles somewhere up ahead.

4. My heart fell out on a spring morning – the kind that rose coolly in the east and set brightly in the west.

5. “We’re not meant to get hot days like this in October,” I say, standing in front of the open freezer.

6. Her birthday was in mid September, on a spring day that seemed to bring a whiff of summer with it. The wattle was out, and daffodils and tulips were still waving in Burnsie’s garden.

7. After the June shearing of 1944, we knew that if it did not rain in the spring our gamble was lost. The sheep would not live through another rainy season.

8. Monday, 25 November
Drat that it’s cold. Last night I could wear silk to bed and now I have lit the fire. Cold Mondays are gloomy. There are plenty of jobs to do indoors, but who wants to be inside in November?

9. September comes with daffodils
And blossom buds and rain
The sun is pale, the shadows long
As we all sing a football song
And ride home on the train.

10. The night is hot and salted with stars and on the easterly breeze you can feel the wetlands of the interior and even the deserts behind them.


Looking for Alibrandi, Melina Marchetta, 1992

Johnno, David Malouf, 1975

‘Cottage’ in Mothers Grimm, Danielle Wood, 2014

The paper house, Anna Spargo-Ryan, 2016

Graffiti moon, Cath Crowley, 2010

The war bride, Pamela Hart, 2016

The road from Coorain, Jill Ker Conway, 1989

The waterlily, Kate Llewellyn, 1987

All through the year, Jane Godwin, Anna Walker, 2010

Dirt music, Tim Winton, 2001

Which one is your favourite?

Author interview – Victoria Carless


Terri Dixon

I liked 6. I think that even if our beautiful Spring days are intermittent they do bring a whiff of Summer and we can look forward to the warm days ahead. Hurry on December!


October 21, 2016 at 6:37 am


Number 4. I know which book it’s from! Such a visceral opening sentence!

October 21, 2016 at 7:40 pm

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