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Bookish things for kids to do in the holidays

Easter holiday celebration with handmade painted eggs in coffee cup books and brushes. Creative workplace concept

Today is the last day of term one for my kids. I’m grateful for the break from all the after-school activities but I’m not so grateful for the minimal writing hours. However, I’m looking forward to less rushing, more cooking and sewing and a couple of movies.

There’s quite a few literary activities for kids during the holidays. Some of them are Melbourne-based at particular times but others are for anywhere and anytime.

  • The Little Bookroom – this gorgeous children’s bookshop in Nicholson St, Carlton has some fabulous activities for kids. I’m interested in the writing and illustrating workshop with Gabrielle Wang for Miss 10, but there’s also some lovely picture book sessions for younger kids.
  • Readings kids’ bookshop – I’m planning on taking the kids to check out the newish Readings bookshop in Lygon Street, Carlton. It’s right next door to the original Readings bookshop. My kids think it’s a holiday treat to choose a new book. There’s quite a few free book launches on during the holidays, including a 30-year celebration for Where’s Wally?
  • Local library – on a wet day, or when you have kids with too much energy and too much volume, a quick drive or an afternoon walk to the library means a change of scenery and a week’s worth of books.
  • Movie – we have a family rule about trying to read the book before we see the movie of the same title. We’re pretty good most of the time! There don’t seem to be too many kid movies based on books for these holidays (The Lego Batman movie, anyone?) but we’ll have a few family movie nights in.
  • No Vacancy – this city gallery is running a comic book workshop for adults and kids – looks wonderful!
  • Craft/art books – Miss 10 is definitely more likely to pick up a craft book than the boys, but Mr 7 still likes to create. We definitely have enough books on collage and paper planes and making comic books to keep us busy for the holidays.
  • Gasworks – well-known children’s author and illustrator Archie Fusillo is running a writing and illustrating workshop for 7-12 year-old kids at Gasworks.
  • Easter books – there aren’t as many Easter books for kids as there are Christmas books, but we have a few to look at. My favourite is called Pancakes and painted eggs – an oldie but a goodie from my childhood.
  • 100 Story Building – we’ve been to one or two workshops here and they were fabulous. These holidays there are workshops for kids to create their own stories  – themes include comics, travelling suitcases and heroes.

I hope this list gives you some ideas for the holidays to entertain your kids or grandchildren. The school holidays are all about balance, aren’t they? That elusive balance between screens, sport, fresh air, creative projects, time with friends, time on your own, family time, eating healthily, eating treats … multiplied by the individuals in your family. Good luck to all of us!

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Terri Dixon

Some great holiday ideas, Karen.

Re your movie rule: this movie is not for children but has just been released, “Man called Ove” I really enjoyed the book some time ago and am looking forward to seeing movie. Some of your blog followers may enjoy book also.

Terri Dixon.

March 31, 2017 at 10:56 am


As always, entertaining and informative! Thanks Karen. I can feel a trip to Carlton coming on.

March 31, 2017 at 11:14 pm


What wonderful bookish ideas, Karen! If only I still had little people…I do remember a few Gasworks trips with my kids when they were little, and story time reading at the library. Enjoy the holidays!

April 1, 2017 at 9:05 pm

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