12 November 2021 | Art, verse novel, Young adult

Book research – street art

The teenage protagonist in my young adult verse novel is a street artist. For a few months, I’ve been researching street art from my laptop, unable to go out past my 5k zone into the city. And as much as Ms Google and Mr YouTube shared their vast stores of information with me, it wasn’t…

17 September 2021 | Art, verse novel, Writing

Equal parts creativity and logic

Dear blog readers, it’s been a little while. My family has faced a couple of obstacles in the last month which have taken up my time, attention and energy. And then there’s lockdown #6… However, I am pleased to report that I am almost ready to send off my second book to my agent for…

Dear readers, it’s been a while

Dear readers, it’s been a while since I last posted. My website updated itself in December and there were problems that seemed insurmountable because it was December and there were work deadlines and Christmas deadlines and general December busyness. Thank you to the lovely Nic from Planning with Kids who helped me with the technical…

20 May 2016 | Adult Non-Fiction, Art, Paris

Paris books – part 1

This post is for my friend, M, who is travelling to Paris and other European cities with her family soon. I stayed in Paris for three weeks a couple of years ago – to celebrate my 40th birthday, do a writing course, take some art classes and shop, of course – alone! It was magical….