Loose writing

Writers are often categorised by their planning style – plotters or pantsers. Plotters are those writers who meticulously map out their characters’ motivations, fears, wants, showing the internal growth against the external narrative drive – set out in spreadsheets, taped on walls. They need to know all of this before they can start writing. J.… Continue reading Loose writing

Springfield writing retreat

Dear blog readers, It’s been a while! I intended to take a three-week blogging break after Christmas. Then four of the five of us came down with the flu, then I caught up on my missed editing work, and then I went away for a week. So it’s been a while. I want to tell… Continue reading Springfield writing retreat

Different ways of thinking

There are so many different types of creativity and different ways to harness it. There’s also different ways to be logical and methodical and as many permutations as there are people for combining creativity and practicality. I am a blend of inspirational and practical thinking – I do love to be organised because it means… Continue reading Different ways of thinking

KidLitVic opportunities

There’s something about the way we measure ourselves from one year to the next by going to the same place at the same time of year. I’ve only been to two KidLitVic conferences – this year and last year – but it’s enough to make me reflect on what has changed in the twelve months… Continue reading KidLitVic opportunities

Writing act three

I’m about ten thousand words away from finishing my book. It’s not the actual writing which worries me – I could write that ten thousand in a week. But to write those words, I need to feel crystal clear about what’s going to happen in the last act. And I’m not quite there yet. Many… Continue reading Writing act three

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Van Gogh – ‘arrive at the truthful’

Last weekend – because there was no sport in the school holidays – hooray! – we all went to the Vincent van Gogh exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria. It was beautiful and crowded. Beautiful because the paintings were amazing. I loved seeing the brush strokes and the vivid colours. I must admit, I… Continue reading Van Gogh – ‘arrive at the truthful’