‘The end of the world is bigger than love’ – book review

If you’re looking for a book that has tension, lyrical evocative writing, humour, romance, and above all, love, look no further. Davina Bell’s recently released young adult book, The end of the world is bigger than love, is my favourite young adult book of all time. It’s the story of Summer and Winter, identical twins,… Continue reading ‘The end of the world is bigger than love’ – book review

Books for young adults – Christmas ideas

With potentially seven or eight weeks of holidays ahead of them, teenagers need some decent books to keep them away from their screens! Young adult fiction can be a tricky area to navigate – a book that a nineteen-year-old might enjoy may not be suitable for a fourteen-year-old. The age of the protagonist is a good… Continue reading Books for young adults – Christmas ideas

No limits by Ellie Marney – book review

At her book launch at the Collins Street Dymocks bookshop, Ellie Marney said she was grateful to everyone who told her to keep writing. Now those supporters are grateful she did keep writing, because the result is No limits, a newly released young adult novel. Ellie is the author of the Every trilogy, a series… Continue reading No limits by Ellie Marney – book review

Three strong, original books

I’ve been reading quite a few wonderful books lately so I thought I’d bundle a few together in a review. I have so many library books teetering in a pile on my bedside table that I’m worried I’ll be decapitated during the night! I’ve reviewed an adult novel by a well-known Australian writer, a young… Continue reading Three strong, original books

The stars at Oktober Bend – book review

Miss 9 and I had a girls’ afternoon out on the weekend – we do like to leave our boys behind and go to places likes cafes, craft classes, cheese shops and gardens every now and again – and went to a fabulous book launch at Readings. We were there for the launch of  The… Continue reading The stars at Oktober Bend – book review

Cloudwish – book review

Cloudwish Fiona Wood Macmillan 2105 The story: Vân Ước Phan is a year 11 student, attending a prestigious Melbourne school on a scholarship. Her parents, immigrants from Vietnam, want her to study medicine at university. She wants to daydream about Billy Gardiner, a year 11 rower, and become an artist. Vân Ước describes herself as… Continue reading Cloudwish – book review

One true thing

One true thing Nicole Hayes Random House 2015 The story: Frankie is sixteen, a guitarist in a band, and lives with her father, an academic, her mother, a politician and her younger brother, a swimmer with asthma. Frankie’s mother, Rowena, is in the middle of an election campaign, working to be the first elected female… Continue reading One true thing