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Corporate storytelling

What exactly is corporate storytelling, and why is it important? And how can storytelling help with a business’ bottom line? These are the types of questions I answered in my corporate storytelling workshop earlier this week.

With Paul Dixon and Chris Binney from The Interpreters (an insights agency), we ran a half-day storytelling workshop for a client who wanted to improve their team’s communication to both internal and external stakeholders.

It’s scientifically proven that listening to a story lights up our brain in a way that mere content doesn’t. We’re more likely to remember facts if they’re presented in a story, and we’re more likely to engage with both the story and the storyteller. So for a brand, retaining information leads to customer engagement and then customer loyalty.

In the storytelling workshop, I discussed the difference between content and storytelling, as well as all the elements of a story and how to construct a story across different channels. I also looked at language – using a consistent tone of voice as well as specific tools like power words. The client’s team was wonderful in engaging with all the writing exercises. Some exercises were designed to encourage creativity to flow and others were designed to help with the team’s current methods of communication.

I’ve presented a few of these exercises with both children and adults. It always delights me – but doesn’t surprise me – how creative we all are when given an opportunity.

Stories matter for everyone – kids, adults, families, businesses. Stories connect us.

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Yes they do. I still remember medical facts and treatments from the lecturers that told a story, not just facts. Some go back as far as 50 years!!

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