8 July 2022 | Editing, verse novel, Writing

Her sheer audacity

Usually, my life consists of meeting my freelance editing deadlines, putting dinner on the table, running my three teenagers around to the orthodontist, footy training, their casual jobs, their friends’ places, making sure everyone has shirts and uniforms ready, fitting in writing around all of this. Fairly ordinary.

But now, my life consists of a structural edit for my Hachette YA verse novel within a month. And the day I finish that, I receive the structural edit from Allen & Unwin for my MG verse novel to complete within a month. And the day I finish that, I receive the copy-edit from Hachette…

This is not my normal life but it is the life I have always dreamt of – a life filled with writing, supported by amazing publishers. And it’s fairly busy – the timelines are T.I.G.H.T.

So I am borrowing the quality of audacity from every other writer before me, who has dared to believe that she can not only create a new world but send it out into the real world. While living in that real world’s expectations of dinners, meetings, emails and so forth…

I’m leaving the definition of ordinary behind and daring to believe in the power of audacity, of reaching further than I think is possible, of landing among the stars even if I’m aiming for the moon.

Tell me in the comments something audacious that you’re doing. Are you trying a new recipe? Are you writing something brave? Are you having a difficult conversation? Are you applying for a job? Are you wearing a different coloured lipstick? Audacity can be a tiny action but it is never small.

Structural editing and aborio rice