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May writing


Every year, May means Mother’s Day, three family birthdays, gorgeous autumn leaves everywhere. This year, I also want it to mean:

  • Book 1 – I want to complete another draft of my first children’s book. I am now part of a writers’ group, and my group gave me so much excellent feedback that I want to weave it into this draft. They have helped me to see both the big picture and the small details that need some fine-tuning, and I want to incorporate this into the whole manuscript.
  • Book 2 – I’m working my way through my notes from Kate Forsyth’s class, writing a pitch, synopsis, outline and character sketches, using my first draft as a base, but knowing it will continue to change. It’s satisfying to see that all this planning is starting to shape this book for the better.
  • Book 3 – I want to spend the next six months planning this book, so I can write a decent first draft in NaNoWriMo this year. So now I have made myself accountable to you publicly! This is my chance to really try out a new way to plan my writing. Last year, I gave myself a month to plan, and it wasn’t enough. Here’s hoping six months is better timing. I have bought myself a beautiful new notebook to plan out Lana’s story. My new notebook – same as the photo above – has the complete story of Anne of Green Gables in tiny font, as the lines you write on. So I am writing notes for my story in between the lines of L. M. Montgomery’s book! And I love the quote on the front – Miss 9 would definitely agree! Lana is Calvin’s twin brother, the protagonist from Book 2. She plays basketball and netball, is extremely bossy and organised, plays the drums and loves Anne of Green Gables. That’s all I know about her at this stage but I’m looking forward to finding out more!
  • I’m also teaching a writing workshop at my children’s school this month. I love being around so many engaged and creative kids – they come up with the best ideas and their enthusiasm for writing stories is inspiring for me.

I hope May is an inspiring and productive month for you, too!

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Terri Dixon

Your post had me thinking about Anne of Green Gables. Loved this book and reread it numerous times. Your notebook will surely help you achieve your goals!


May 3, 2016 at 4:24 pm


Oh that notebook is truly excellent! I remember reading it to my girl when she must have been about Miss 9’s age. How we both wanted to be called Cordelia! You are sounding very inspired! Good luck with everything!

May 4, 2016 at 4:38 pm

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