14 April 2017 | Children's Fiction

Our conversation in Readings kids’ bookshop


Me: Aren’t we lucky Grandma and Poppa gave us a Readings voucher to spend at Easter? One book each, kids!

Miss 10: I already know which book I want. Ruby Redfort.

Mr 7: I don’t know which book to get!

Me: That’s ok. Plenty of time to choose.

Mr 7: (as we walk into the newish Readings kids bookshop in Carlton) Seriously? All these books are for kids?

Miss 10: But there are two Ruby Redfort books I haven’t read!

Mr 7: What was that ninja book you told me about, Mum?

Me: Excuse me (to shop assistant). I’m one of those annoying people who can’t remember either the title or the author. But this book is a series, and it’s about a boy who’s new to a school and he becomes part of a ninja team and …

Shop assistant: Oh, you mean this book (pulling Diary of a 6th grade ninja off the shelf)

Me: Yes, that book! Thank you!

Mr 7: (Silence for ten minutes while he reads a bit of the book).

Miss 10: Mum, can we buy one of the Ruby Redfort books with the voucher and can I buy one with my pocket money?

Me: Sure.

Miss 10: And can we buy the more expensive one with the voucher?

Mr 7: Don’t forget Mr 13’s book.

Me: (to another shop assistant) Excuse me, do you have the latest A. L. Tait book in the Mapmaker series? Have you read Alison Rushby’s book? And Ursula Dubosarsky’s latest book, The blue cat – what age group is it for, please?


As you can see from our condensed conversation, we enjoyed our excursion to this gorgeous bookshop. Different sections are marked with wooden flags – and the sections are extensive. Educational, Lego and Star Wars, Harry Potter, picture books, board books, young adult, middle grade and so on. There’s many spots to sit down and have a read, as well as a fabulous mural by illustrator Marc Martin. And the staff are informative and friendly.

Mr 13 had chosen Alex Rider in advance, Miss 10 was happy with her two Ruby Redford books and Mr 7 opted for a Batman book instead of book 1 of the Ninja series. (Not my first choice!)

Happy Easter, happy reading!

Author interview – Victoria Carless


Terri Dixon

Hope your kids enjoy their books and you find some time to read and/or write.

As we are heading to Edinburgh later in year I am settling down to my first Rebus novel by Ian Rankin, I am a late starter, the 21st one just published!

Happy Easter to you and your family and to your blog readers.


April 14, 2017 at 8:47 am

Wendy Muir

Book vouchers are popular with our grandchildren too; they always enjoy being given books but being able to choose their own is special! A happy Easter to you Karen.

April 14, 2017 at 10:00 am

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