Go set a watchman

Go set a watchman Harper Lee 2015 William Heinemann The story: This book, of course, follows the same characters from To kill a mockingbird, published in 1960. This time, the setting is the same in Maycomb, Alabama but twenty-six year-old Jean-Louise Finch is no longer called Scout and she is merely visiting her father, Atticus,… Continue reading Go set a watchman

Ten tips to help children edit their writing

There is a difference between writing and editing. Writing can be creative and messy and free-flowing. Editing needs to be logical and considered and thoughtful. It’s like switching on a different part of your brain! I hope these ideas help your children to improve their writing. These ideas are written directly to primary school children.

August writing

I thought I would hold myself accountable and put together a writing post at the end of each month. This month I have: Rewritten two short stories for adults (retelling fairy tales) and sent them into two short story competitions – fingers crossed! Attended three events at the Melbourne Writers’ Festival: Creativity and motherhood with… Continue reading August writing

Taking stock – September

This is a list to copy and join in from Pip Lincolne’s website Making: a new website! Cooking: rhubarb and orange cake Drinking: chai latte Reading: ‘The golden age’ by Joan London Wanting: some more sleep Looking: at our busy weekend schedule Playing: guessing games with Mr 6 Deciding: which book to read next Wishing:… Continue reading Taking stock – September

Motherhood and creativity, the divided heart

Motherhood and creativity, the divided heart Rachel Power Affirm Press 2015 The story: This book is the second edition – The divided heart originally came out in 2008. It is a collection of interviews with mother/artists or artist/mothers – however you want to put it! I devoured this book when it first came out when… Continue reading Motherhood and creativity, the divided heart

Song for a scarlet runner

Song for a scarlet runner Julie Hunt Allen and Unwin 2013 The story: Peat, a nine-year-old girl, lives with her sister at the Overhang, a place four days’ walk from the nearest village. They tend cows, make cheese and wait for their aunt to bring supplies once a month. When a traveller brings sickness to… Continue reading Song for a scarlet runner