Writing a novel in 90 days

Numbers that end in a zero are so neat, aren’t they? Turning the big 40 or 50 or 60, making a million, wrangling a deal under so many thousand dollars … Writing a novel in 90 days has the same ring. For me, at least. At the writers’ retreat at Springfield I attended earlier this… Continue reading Writing a novel in 90 days

‘The end of the world is bigger than love’ – book review

If you’re looking for a book that has tension, lyrical evocative writing, humour, romance, and above all, love, look no further. Davina Bell’s recently released young adult book, The end of the world is bigger than love, is my favourite young adult book of all time. It’s the story of Summer and Winter, identical twins,… Continue reading ‘The end of the world is bigger than love’ – book review

Non-fiction favourites

Over the last few weeks, I’ve read a couple of wonderful non-fiction books. It always takes me longer to read a non-fiction book than a novel, and often I read fiction at night and non-fiction during the day. (Now I’m thinking of the scene in Harry Potter and the philospher’s stone where Hermione drops a… Continue reading Non-fiction favourites

My literary digital week

  However we used technology in our lives before COVID-19, we are more dependent than ever upon it now! Here’s a quick list of the digital world I’ve loved this week, with a literary theme, of course. K. M. Kruimink won the Australian Vogel prize this week for her debut novel, A treacherous country. I… Continue reading My literary digital week