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Reading, writing, teaching…

A newsy post today for you, dear blog readers.

Reading – The dictionary of lost words by Pip Williams. I loved immersing myself in this story about a young girl who grows up in the workplace of her father, a lexicographer in Oxford in the 1880s. I found myself bewailing the limitations of women in both their personal and professional lives, and wanting so much for the main character, Esme.

Story by Robert McKee. It’s mainly about films but there’s so many insights for novelists as well. I like his philosophy that ‘Story is metaphor for life’.

Writing – I’m working on the first act in my middle-grade verse novel, polishing this final draft before I send it out again. After having a break from it while I wrote a young adult novel, it’s so wonderful to be working on it again. I feel like my mind is skipping from one scene to another, making connections, tightening the threads, fine-tuning the subtle nuances of emotion.

Teaching – I taught a writing workshop in a school holiday program early this week, a lucky three days before the second Melbourne lockdown. The kids were enthusiastic with vivid imaginations and we had a great time making up quest stories in writers’ notebooks. They created an oral story so epic my assistant and I decided it needed to be a trilogy!

Editing – I finished up another round of a fiction book for children, and started taking in corrections to a non-fiction adult book. Both books are well-written, and will be much appreciated by their different audiences. I love the variety!

Eating – I love all the slow-cooked winter dishes – we’ve eaten slow-cooked lamb in a tomato sauce to have as open sandwiches with red capsicum, rocket and feta, plus an Italian sausage soup with beans and parmesan grilled croutons. I’m thinking we might need scones for afternoon tea or a pudding for the weekend ahead.

Sewing – I’ve been quilting a butterfly quilt for a few years – pulled it out twice because it puckered so badly I couldn’t bear it. But now thanks to some quilting advice from friends and a fabric shop, it’s starting to come together and it’s the perfect winter craft, especially while watching the footy on television.

I hope your week has been fulfilling, too!

Ovarian cancer day



Busy!Busy! Lovely to have so many things to fill you life as well as baking for your in laws 💕💕

July 10, 2020 at 9:56 am


So glad there were no spoilers in your comments on your reading. I am half way through “The Dictionary of Lost Words” and just loving it. Esme is a wonderful character as is Da. I know there is still a way to go with equality for women, but we have certainly come far thanks to some very brave women.

July 10, 2020 at 10:34 am


Thanks Karen and Terri for suggesting another good read.
Dictionary of Lost Words is now on my list.
My favourite so far this year is Where The Crawdads Sing. So beautifully written.

July 10, 2020 at 3:11 pm

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