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School holiday soundtrack

Three youngster at play on the beach at San Sebastian after the tide has just gone out.

Today, the kids will all be back at school and the house will be wonderfully quiet. This was my soundtrack for the school holidays. Perhaps yours is similar? Let me know if you have any variations!

Mum …. Mum!
But you said …
It’s not fair!
Can I use the ipad?
Can I watch some TV?
Thanks, Mum, you’re awesome!
I’m bored, Mum.
There’s nothing to eat.
Is that all there is to eat?
You make really good sausage rolls, Mum!
But it’s holidays, Mum, I don’t have to go to bed now.
Look at my ipad movie, Mum.
When’s Dad coming home?
But my room is tidy!
God bless the cook!
But you always let her …
But you always let him …
But my grey hoodie wasn’t dirty – how come it’s in the wash again?
That’s epic!
Mum, well once I had this dream, and I’ve had it before, but now I can’t remember.
Look at me, Mum!
She started it!
No, he started it!
Love you, Mum!
Look at my big pile of books to read, Mum!
I’ve run out of books to read …
I don’t know what to do …
Want to play soccer, Mum?
Want to play chess, Mum?
Want to draw with me, Mum?
God bless the cook!
Can we go out?
Can we go home?
When’s Dad coming home?
I am SO going to wear this!
You’re the best, Mum!
You’re the worst Mum ever!
But I have done my hair!
You’re actually pretty good at soccer, Mum!
But why not, Mum?
Look at this, Mum!
What’s for dinner?
Oh, not that dinner!
I’m so hungry, I can’t wait for dinner.
I don’t want dinner now, I’m still playing.
Love you, Mum!
But I have brushed my teeth – smell me – minty fresh!
Can I tell you a story, Mum? A scary story? Well, once upon a time, there was an evil wizard …
Can I have a friend over to play?
Can I go to a friend’s house?
When’s Dad coming home?
Can I play on the ipad?
Can I have a hug?
A really long hug.
You always take his side!
You always take her side!
Want to play soccer, Mum? I’ll go easy on you, promise!
God bless the cook!
Love you, Mum!

Ovarian cancer day



Isn’t it lovely to be able to hear these simple utterings? Holidays are really to be treasured as the children grow older, the simple chatter passes.

October 6, 2015 at 9:01 am


I think your soundtrack may have been on stereo in my house. The quiet is …quiet, just quiet.

October 6, 2015 at 11:45 am


Hi Karen, love your soundtrack ! Mine at the minute is lots of whinging noises !

October 7, 2015 at 7:55 am

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