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Shopping for books

Readings bookshop had their annual 20% off sale for subscribers yesterday. And yes, I was there with a huge list! It took me a couple of trips back to the car when I finished my shopping.

My list included books for the five of us for Christmas and two family birthdays, plus Christmas books for a couple of extended family members and teachers.

I did pretty well to stick to my list but of course, I added a few extras in as well! (Note to husband – it was 20% off!)

I bought a mix of classics and new releases, a mix of fiction and non-fiction. I like to give books that I’ve read before so I know the recipient will love it. I also think it’s my responsibility in life to put good books into good people’s hands – if they’re readers, they’ll appreciate books and if they’re not readers, they might become one!

When it comes to Christmas day, I know that sometimes a book is not the most exciting of presents. The gadgets or jewellery or perfume or toys are more tactile and more instantly pleasurable. But come Boxing Day, a book really comes into its own, accompanied by all the delicious leftover food. And then there’s the long summer holidays when it’s too hot to go outside or the batteries in the new toys have run out.

Bookshops can also stock lovely literary gifts, like notebooks, diaries, mugs, games etc, so there are more than just books to browse.

I’m putting some posts together with book suggestions for kids and adults over the next few weeks. Happy book shopping!

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Thanks Karen,
I’ll look forward to seeing your list!

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