Faber and Faber workshop – revise, revise, revise

  Writers can make the worst audience. We’re observant – we notice the over-expansive gestures, the nervous hand movements, the change in voice timbre, the long look at notes, the unusually long silence between points, the nod of approval when someone asks an intelligent question, the red flush up the neck if the technology doesn’t… Continue reading Faber and Faber workshop – revise, revise, revise

100 story building

There is a place, deep in a Footscray shopping strip, where Mr Raw, a dinosaur teacher teaches his dinosaur students on the 28th floor, while Reg, on floor 72, can turn your dead friend’s skull into an ornament. Maybe there’s a pool of sharks on the 47th floor or a disco on the 99th floor.*… Continue reading 100 story building