Buying Christmas book series for kids

There’s something special about buying a book series, about seeing all the matching spines lined up together on your bookshelf. Lots of kids are collectors, so collecting, let alone reading, the whole set of books can feel like a mighty achievement. I’ve listed some of my favourite kids’ book series, for kids aged six to… Continue reading Buying Christmas book series for kids

Podcast listening

As well as all the words I’m writing and reading, I’m also enjoying listening to words as well. I don’t think I could possibly iron a school shirt without listening to something! Sometimes ironing can feel like a guilty pleasure because I close the door in my tiny laundry and listen to a podcast. I… Continue reading Podcast listening

Allison Tait – author interview

Today I am excited to bring you my first author interview – with Allison Tait! Allison is a freelance writer, one half of the Australian Writers Centre podcast with Valerie Khoo, and the writer of The Mapmaker Chronicles – a trilogy for children. Her third book in this series, Breath of the Dragon, was released… Continue reading Allison Tait – author interview