Each week always starts off fresh with five days of possibility before the weekend, and then all of a sudden, it’s Friday and some of the possibilities haven’t quite eventuated! Brene Brown, author, research professor and Ted talk speaker, sends out a weekly email entitled TGIF. But the TGIF stands for Trust, Gratitude, Inspiration and… Continue reading TGIF

July musings

It’s been a little while since I posted! Four of my family of five have been sick, and I went down sick with the kids a month ago. We also had a holiday in sunny Queensland during the school break (everyone was well), and then we were back home with a sick daughter. So I… Continue reading July musings

Different ways of thinking

There are so many different types of creativity and different ways to harness it. There’s also different ways to be logical and methodical and as many permutations as there are people for combining creativity and practicality. I am a blend of inspirational and practical thinking – I do love to be organised because it means… Continue reading Different ways of thinking

September holidays writing workshops for kids

Photo credit: Mandy Couzens Do you have any imaginative and creative children or grandchildren who would like to spend a few hours in the holidays writing a story? I’m running four writing workshops for kids in the September/October school holidays. I’ve presented these workshops in primary schools but this is the first time I’ve run… Continue reading September holidays writing workshops for kids

The Grand Imaginarium writing workshops for kids

On the loveliest of spring days these school holidays, my friend Renee and I took our kids to the Abbotsford Convent for a writing workshop with Lucinda Gifford, run through the Grand Imaginarium. Lucinda is an illustrator and writer. She showed the kids her sketchbook – it was amazing. If I could choose an instant… Continue reading The Grand Imaginarium writing workshops for kids

Guest lecture on writing and blogging

I had the pleasure of presenting a university guest lecture this week for third-year teaching students. My topic was writing and blogging, with a focus on writing workshops for primary school students. As I caught the tram to the university, it reminded me of my own uni days – a long time ago! I spent… Continue reading Guest lecture on writing and blogging

In the margins

I stared at the file in dismay. My words from my middle-grade manuscript had been kindly and meticulously edited by my friend Renee. There were almost 5,000 words in four chapters. Renee’s comments were in purple. She’d given me quite a few ticks, but there were more suggestions and deletions than ticks. Out of the… Continue reading In the margins

Dreamtime writing workshop for primary schools

I remember my grade six teacher, Mr C, telling us that he learnt something from us kids every day. We were all amazed – what, our teacher was learning from us? But now that I am a parent, and after running a couple of writing workshops for kids, I understand the wisdom behind his words.… Continue reading Dreamtime writing workshop for primary schools