The diver’s clothes lie empty – book review

This is the first time I’ve read a novel written in second person. I’ve read a couple of short stories written this way, and I’ve attempted to write one myself and failed miserably. The tutor in my online short story class and several of the other students told me it just didn’t work. Cate Kennedy… Continue reading The diver’s clothes lie empty – book review

98 and counting …

This year I have kept a tally of the books I have read. With three days to go until the end of the year, I am up to number 98, and I have every intention of reading my way to 100 books by midnight 2015. Silly isn’t it, to think that 100 books is somewhat… Continue reading 98 and counting …

Stories within stories

I read two books this week which had stories within stories, and saw a musical on Saturday night which had a story within a story. I love it – stories are fabulous enough but a story within a story is pure magic! Let me explain. Miss 9 put Angelica Bank’s Finding Serendipity on my bedside… Continue reading Stories within stories

Writing workshops – Danielle Wood

I went to two fabulous workshops through Writers Victoria with Danielle Wood last weekend. Danielle is a Tasmanian writer – she has written a couple of collections of short stories for adults  – Mothers Grimm and Rosie Little’s cautionary tales for girls – as well as an adult novel, The alphabet of light and dark… Continue reading Writing workshops – Danielle Wood