Three strong, original books

I’ve been reading quite a few wonderful books lately so I thought I’d bundle a few together in a review. I have so many library books teetering in a pile on my bedside table that I’m worried I’ll be decapitated during the night! I’ve reviewed an adult novel by a well-known Australian writer, a young… Continue reading Three strong, original books

The first ten pages

Yesterday I had coffee with my immensely good-natured friend, the writer Renee Mihulka, to discuss the first ten pages of our middle grade fiction books. We are both attending the KIDLIT festival in May at the Victorian state library, and have elected to submit the first ten pages of our books to a publisher for… Continue reading The first ten pages

My week in books

How many books have you read, skimmed, touched, discussed, borrowed or bought this week? I decided I would tally up mine! Read The secret scriptures by Sebastian Barry – this was my bookclub book and and it was my turn to host. Half of our bookclub had read it, half had started it. We all… Continue reading My week in books

Christmas shopping/summer reading – adult fiction

Whether you are looking for books for gifts or for your own holiday reading, I have a list for you! I also have a giveaway – I have an extra copy of Hannah Kent’s The good people and would love to give it to a loyal blog reader! Please leave a comment to tell me about… Continue reading Christmas shopping/summer reading – adult fiction

Kate Forsyth – plotting a novel

My current definition of intense – spending a day with Kate Forsyth while she teaches the finer points of plotting a novel. I flew to Sydney (blue skies, warm weather, gorgeous friends) for the weekend to do a writing course at the Australian Writers’ Centre. Kate was equal parts inspiration and practicality – I finished… Continue reading Kate Forsyth – plotting a novel

98 and counting …

This year I have kept a tally of the books I have read. With three days to go until the end of the year, I am up to number 98, and I have every intention of reading my way to 100 books by midnight 2015. Silly isn’t it, to think that 100 books is somewhat… Continue reading 98 and counting …

Buying Christmas book series for kids

There’s something special about buying a book series, about seeing all the matching spines lined up together on your bookshelf. Lots of kids are collectors, so collecting, let alone reading, the whole set of books can feel like a mighty achievement. I’ve listed some of my favourite kids’ book series, for kids aged six to… Continue reading Buying Christmas book series for kids