31 May 2016 | Editing, Grammar, Writing

Editing is caring

Editing is caring! Ever heard that expression before? No? That’s because I made it up to help teach the grade four kids in my editing workshop last week! ┬áThis was a follow-up workshop to help them edit their Dreamtime stories. I explained how it is ok to have a messy first draft, because you are…

20 May 2016 | Adult Non-Fiction, Art, Paris

Paris books – part 1

This post is for my friend, M, who is travelling to Paris and other European cities with her family soon. I stayed in Paris for three weeks a couple of years ago – to celebrate my 40th birthday, do a writing course, take some art classes and shop, of course – alone! It was magical….

8 March 2016 | Writing, Writing Notes

Kate Forsyth – plotting a novel

My current definition of intense – spending a day with Kate Forsyth while she teaches the finer points of plotting a novel. I flew to Sydney (blue skies, warm weather, gorgeous friends) for the weekend to do a writing course at the Australian Writers’ Centre. Kate was equal parts inspiration and practicality – I finished…

1 March 2016 | Writing

March writing

It may seem as if I’m justifying my time here – but I worked really hard in February! I worked on the last draft of the first children’s book in my series this month. I’m nearly ready to send it off by the end of the week to a publisher’s competition. I feel as if…