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Taking stock – April


April has been a busy month so far – time to take stock and work out where everything is at. This is a list from Pip Lincolne’s blog, Meet me at Mike’s.

Making: dinner for a friend and her family tonight
Cooking: the above dinner – taco salad with shredded beef, tortilla chips and lots of salad with a delicious chilli-lime dressing
Drinking: black tea – Earl Grey and English Breakfast
Reading: a variety of books – adult fiction, children’s fiction, non-fiction
Wanting: some more sleep
Looking: at my messy desk – too many projects!
Playing: with our six-month-old puppy
Deciding: on tomorrow’s priorities
Wishing: for more writing time in the school holidays
Enjoying: sunny Autumn days
Waiting: for our mini-break away at Easter
Liking: Autumn leaves
Wondering: which book to read next
Loving: watching movies with the kids after dinner
Pondering: what will we cook for our Easter weekend away with friends?
Considering: the next chapter to edit
Buying: lots of food – these school holidays!
Watching: footy on the tv, footy in the backyard, footy at the park
Hoping: for another two wonderful writing classes next week with creative kids
Marvelling: how imaginative kids are
Cringing: every time Mr 9 does a specky on me!
Needing: a bit of quiet
Questioning: how to fit everything in
Smelling: the apple and cinnamon cupcakes Miss 12 baked
Wearing: an old favourite blue print dress and denim jacket with boots
Following: the media around Brene Brown’s new Netflix show
Noticing: my roses are still blooming
Knowing: it’s Easter next week!
Thinking: about polishing my chapter
Admiring: my friend, Leane – earlier this week, she helped launch Witchery’s white shirt campaign – yesterday, she was back in chemo
Sorting: washing
Getting: frustrated with all the noise from the various devices around in the holidays!
Bookmarking: online writing courses
Coveting: winter boots
Disliking: the way one of my indoor plants has decided to call it a day
Opening: lots and lots of children’s books to flick through examples for my workshops
Giggling: at our puppy’s hopeful expression every time we pass someone on a walk – belly rub, anyone?
Feeling: inspired by the kids who attended my writing workshops – so creative
Snacking: with chai lattes
Helping: Mr 15 by picking him up from late night shifts at his new job
Hearing: Mr 9 slam dunk the indoor basketball hoop over and over again

Maybe you’d like to copy and paste this list for yourself into a file, or write it in a journal or the back of an envelope. Or tell me one ‘ing’ in the comments!

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