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Taking stock – October


October has been an inspiring and creative month for me, as well as being quite busy (apologies for missing a post last week!) Time to take stock and work out where everything is at. This is a list from Pip Lincolne’s blog, Meet me at Mike’s.

Making: mixed media art to hang in the empty space in my hallway
Cooking: Anzac biscuits for lunchboxes
Drinking: not right now – but last night there was lots of sparkling wine poured at my Frocktober event
Reading: The other side of summer by Emily Gale – love it
Wanting: more consistent sunny weather
Looking: at our new front garden
Playing: with art
Deciding: that next week I’ll have more time for writing
Wishing: for an early detection test for ovarian cancer
Enjoying: remembering all the lovely moments with friends from last night
Waiting: for my Delbard roses to bloom
Liking: how lovely our home looked last night
Wondering: how Miss 12 is faring on her school camp
Loving: these beautiful flowers in the photo above from Dandelion
Pondering: why one gardenia looks a little sad – its neighbours are thriving!
Considering: how Emily Gale writes such fabulous young adult fiction
Buying: a considerable amount of sparkling wine
Watching: Mr 14 grow daily
Hoping: that my friend Leane will remain cancer-free
Marvelling: at Mr 9’s witty commentary on just about everything
Cringing: at┬ádrivers who do U-turns in a main road and hold up four lanes of traffic – selfish!
Needing: not much
Questioning: where I’m up to in my manuscript
Smelling: spring in the air
Wearing: a gorgeous dress from Flatiron
Following: the progress of a client’s new website
Noticing: how generous people are
Knowing: that Christmas is coming soon!
Thinking: about a new editing project I’m about to start
Admiring: my friend Caroline’s beautifully designed room at Como House last weekend
Sorting: the laundry
Getting: organised for Christmas – somewhat!
Bookmarking: books to be reread
Coveting: wallpaper and ottomans and armchairs and colour and pattern after visiting Como House last weekend
Disliking: how often I’m in the supermarket
Opening: a different book to read every few nights
Giggling: when my adorable 10-year-old neighbour finally beat Mr 9 at Uno
Feeling: grateful for my supportive friends
Snacking: on olive dip
Helping: to raise awareness and funds for ovarian cancer – my fundraising page is here if you’d like to donate
Hearing: the blissful sounds of silence while my family is quiet!

Maybe you’d like to copy and paste this list for yourself into a file, or write it in a journal or the back of an envelope. Or tell me one ‘ing’ in the comments!

Ovarian cancer day


Nicole Avery

I hadn’t heard of Flatiron before – what a gorgeous range they have!

October 26, 2018 at 11:04 am

Terri Dixon

Reading “The Bridge of Clay” which could be my book of 2018.

October 26, 2018 at 1:42 pm

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