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Taking stock – September

August has been incredibly busy – why do all the schools put all the events in August?!! Time to take stock and work out where everything is at. This is a list from Pip Lincolne’s blog, Meet me at Mike’s.

Making: Writers’ Notebooks for my school holiday writing workshops
Cooking: crispy-skin salmon with zucchini chips for dinner tonight
Drinking: chai latte – my chai was photographed for Cocoa cafe’s social media feed yesterday!
Reading: Anne of Green Gables at night and Dialogue, the art of verbal action for page, stage and screen during the day
Wanting: warmer weather
Looking: at Miss 11’s gorgeous new haircut
Playing: Uno with Mr 9
Deciding: which roses to plant in our garden
Wishing: there were more hours in the day – I always wish that!
Enjoying: frothy pink ranunculi in a vase
Waiting: for my bare-branched crab apple and birch trees to burst into bloom
Liking: that there is more time on Sundays now that footy for both boys has finished
Wondering: which format to choose for my Writers’ Notebooks
Loving: the unread stack of birthday books in my study
Pondering: how to best meet everyone’s needs
Considering: how to sort out my overflowing inbox
Buying: food, food and more food – how do they eat so much?
Watching: three basketball semi-finals tomorrow
Hoping: for three basketball wins!
Marvelling: at the pastel drawings my kids created at the kitchen table – sunsets and waterfalls
Cringing: at how loud my kids can be
Needing: more sleep
Questioning: how to meet everyone’s needs, including my own
Smelling: the raspberry muffins Miss 11 baked
Wearing: ankle boots in a variety of colours
Following: the footy finals with only a little interest – my team is out!
Noticing: how Mr 14’s t-shirts look a little small for him now
Knowing: I’ll have to buy him some new ones!
Thinking: constantly about my writing workshops – which books to discuss, which activities to do, how much can we fit in – I’d be happy to run week-long sessions!
Admiring: my husband for his dedication to work and family
Sorting: the pantry – there’s a sesame oil spill
Getting: a little bit fitter with running
Bookmarking: interesting writing posts
Coveting: summer clothes
Disliking: the overflowing ironing basket
Opening: my laptop every morning with a sense of excitement for my manuscript
Giggling: at Mr 9 reciting nursery rhymes
Feeling: too many emotions to articulate in one sentence
Snacking: on corn chips
Helping: each of my kids navigate through their own challenges
Hearing: the kids singing in the shower

Maybe you’d like to copy and paste this list for yourself into a file, or write it in a journal or the back of an envelope. Or tell me one ‘ing’ in the comments!

Ovarian cancer day



You are one busy mum, wife and creative person, love your blogs, remember to take alittle time for yourself and spring is coming, x Colleen

September 7, 2018 at 7:46 am

Terri Dixon

Looking forward to a week in Kyneton.
Wondering if I’ll cope with Kyneton’s cold.
Loving I have books packed to take away, and the time to read them.
Cooking absolutely nothing for a week.
Hoping to improve my golf, in a week? not likely.
Watching footy with interest, barracking for the teams family and friends support.
Waiting, waiting, waiting for Spring weather.

September 7, 2018 at 10:49 am

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