1 August 2015 | Writing Notes

The importance of stories

the importance of stories - karen comerStories are important. And your stories are important. I love both reading and writing stories, as well as hearing other people’s stories.

I’ve created this website and blog to share the books I’ve read, the stories I’m writing and ways to encourage ourselves and children to read and write and be as creative as we can.

Stories help us to communicate. Communication is one of the key tools for success both personally and professionally. We need to communicate well in order to stand up at a friend’s 21st or 50th and tell a funny story. We may need to deliver a eulogy – carefully chosen words to convey a sense of a dear someone’s life. A business presentation needs to be perfect in order to win the tender. Saving a marriage may need heart-laden words, with connotations of affection and love.

‘We read to know we’re not alone.’ William Nicholson, Shadowlands

Stories connect us. Let’s have more of them!


Kate Forsyth – plotting a novel


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