3 September 2015 | Children's Fiction

The Mapmaker Chronicles

The Mapmaker ChroniclesMapmaker Chronicals - Karen Comer
Race to the end of the world
A. L. Tait

The story: Quinn is a farm boy with a remarkable visual memory, a gift he keeps hidden. He is chosen to sail on board the ship Libertas in a race to map the end of the world – the king of Verdania’s idea – but he doesn’t want to go. He’d rather stay with his family on their farm, but his family need the money he would earn. Onboard with Zain, (the king’s slave and ship captain), his friend Ash, (the stowaway, a girl disguised as a boy) and the rest of the crew, he works as the mapmaker. On their journey, they encounter fights, a benevolent sea monster and competition from the other two boats, racing to find the end of the world.

The highlights: Action! Adventure! Battle! Capture! Betrayal! Theft! This first book in a series of three is such a page-turner – I would recommend this to both reluctant and obsessive readers. I love a good quest story, and the Mapmaker Chronicles delivers. While there is lots of action, the characters are believable and engaging. Quinn is a reluctant hero, and Ash is feisty and courageous. It is this combination of suspense and empathetic characters that make this book an enticing read.

Book 2, Prisoner of the Black Hawk is available and Book 3, Breath of the dragon will be available in October 2015.

Author interview – Victoria Carless


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