25 June 2021 | Young Adult Fiction

Two new YA novels

Miss 14 is part of the Readings teen advisory board for 2020 and she is lucky enough to receive advance copies of young adult books. And I am lucky enough to read them, too! This week, I read two wonderful young adult books.

The boy from the Mish by Gary Lonesborough was published in February 2020 and Henry Hamlet’s heart by Rhiannon Wilde is due out next month.

I loved the characters in Henry Hamlet’s heart – Henry’s family, including his bisexual Gran, is quirky, and his group of mates are believable, authentic teens. Henry is geeky, literary, clumsy and hasn’t kissed a girl. He’s in his last year of school and doesn’t know what he wants to do – or be. His best mate Len has always been there, and now he’s both pulling back and leaning forward in unexpected ways.

The boy from the Mish is about Jackson, a seventeen-year-old Aboriginal boy. His aunty and her kids come to visit for Christmas, bringing with them a boy called Tomas who has spent time in ‘juvie’. Jackson has always thought he’s straight – you couldn’t really be anything else in the Mish – but after spending time with Tomas, he’s not so sure.

Two fabulous reads with wonderful characters that kept me up way past my bedtime!

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