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Website writing for interior designer Caroline Touzeau

Creative collaboration is one of my favourite things to do, especially when one is collaborating with someone as talented as interior designer Caroline Touzeau.

Caroline, an interior designer with over twenty years experience, has recently launched her new website. She asked me to work with her to write the website and newsletter content.

This is the second project Caroline and I have worked on – Caroline was the interior designer for our home renovation a couple of years ago. So we have discussed not only words and posts and stories but curtains and paint chips and carpet!

You can see some photos of my home on Caroline’s website. It’s called – unsurprisingly! – the library house.

Caroline, her assistant Chrissie and I had a wonderful time deliberating over cabinetry, fabrics and tiles. They are also literary ladies who are part of a bookclub – thank goodness they appreciated my love of books!

I love Caroline’s sense of the possible, her discerning eye and her ability to envision both scale and detail. Our family of five love our home – it’s everything we wanted it to be and more – and expresses both our quirks and values.

Caroline has recently styled a home that’s featured in this month’s Australian House and Garden magazine, which is also a part of St Joseph’s Open Houses on March 24th.

Photos are by the talented Tim Shaw at Impress Photography.

I hope you enjoy looking through Caroline’s website and sign up for her newsletter at the bottom of her home page to keep up to date with her projects.




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Thankyou for this post and for your positive feedback. Your knowledge is extraordinary and you are always there with positive feedback. Working on your house and on my website has & is a pleasure.With love Caz x

March 9, 2019 at 4:23 pm

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