Words, words, words, I’m so sick of words!

I’m feeling a bit like Eliza Dolittle in My fair lady, when she tells Freddie that she’s over all the words surrounding her.


This week I have been surrounded by words in the following ways:

  • submitted a few thousand words of my middle-grade novel to a publisher
  • sent many, many emails in my volunteer role as a coordinator for basketball teams
  • had a lovely five-hour dinner at a restaurant with a friend and discussed the matters of the world
  • listened to Miss 10 talk non-stop about everything from cello lessons to the latest DIY panda bear whiteboard she’d like to make
  • sat with friends at our dinner table and talked about both the highs and the lows of life
  • had a writing meeting to discuss our next ten pages worth of words
  • had an unusually long, unusually uninterrupted conversation with my husband because there was time over the long weekend
  • read a couple of middle-grade books
  • proofread an essay for Mr 13
  • flicked through a new cookbook, noting all the ingredients in the different sections

So all these words are swirling around in my head, a cacophony of words from all the different parts of my life. Think I might need a few days of instrumental music or the sounds of silence. Or maybe I might just watch My fair lady!



  1. A lot of visual noise there, Karen! But the five hour dinner and long convo with your husband sound quite lovely! No doubt there will be many more essays to proof read as the years wear on. Enjoy!

    1. I hadn’t thought about that, Carolyn – I have years and years ahead of me to proofread essays and assignments. I did proofread an interesting story about Batman from Mr 7 this week!

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